Vineyard  Swordfish
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Vineyard Swordfish is a longsword team and is located in Martha's Vineyard and Falmouth, Massachusetts.  The longsword is rigid, but not sharp, originally derived from a tanning implement.   Longsword dancing is more stately and deliberate than its more energetic rapper cousin.  Vineyard Swordfish kit (uniform), seen here, consists of white shirt, black knickers, and purple vest.
Hi res photos for PR:
with Helmsley lock (shown)
with Sowerby lock
with Happy Jack lock
Bottom row: Wendell Bishop, Jan Elliott (foreman, dancer, musician), Laura Opie, Margaret Sulanowska
Top row: Ron Geering+, Anne Richards, Kansas Brew, Jacek Sulanowski+, Barbara Blair (squire), Anna Shipunova, Dawn Moran
Not shown: Hannah Mark, David Leslie+, Jack Cook+, Kyra Brimdyr, Lois Hiller, Christina Minions                  (+ = musician)